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Baptism planning services

It is both a spiritual and social event, it's a celebration of life, faith, love and hope for the future. However, these days, faith is not always the only motivation. A christening is also a great way to get the whole family together to celebrate your new arrival.

And since other participants, such as godparents, grandparents, relatives and close friends, will be called upon to play their own important role at the ceremony and the party, putting together a schedule and keeping everyone informed is very important.

Christenings are a very special occasion being that it celebrates a significant rite of passage and serves as the first formal introduction of a new baby. Following the ceremony, close friends and family are usually brought together over a meal to commemorate the occasion. Let us help you select the right church, in close proximity to the right venue or the specific dream place.

We provide baptism planning services with unique baptism party ideas, personalised baptism favours and endless tailor-made baptism supplies. We work with you and your family to make this the most personal, meaningful and beautiful moment to celebrate with family and friends.

Let us choose a theme for your angel's big day or do not have a theme Such a celebration allows friends and family- many of whom have travelled a long distance to attend- to join together, to share in the joy on this special occasion.

Planning a successful baptism requires a great deal of attention to detail and thinking ahead. Christening parties have their own set of challenges! Use our experience , our creative spirit and our helpful hints in accomplishing a memorable baptism celebration!!

Dedicated to the little stars of our life!!

‘’Feel the sun on your skin
Find the end of the rainbow
Sleep under the stars
Spread your wings and fly!!’’


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